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Update on airport security with infants!

I feel like I needed to follow-up on my last blog post and fill everyone in on how Norah’s first flight went.  I think things went as well as they could, really.  She was just a little fussy on each flight, but we avoided a major scene.  Whew!  Here are some things I learned from my first flight with a 3-month-old:

  • After having stressed out about having to get a birth certificate before flying, I was not asked for it by either my airline or TSA!  Maybe it’s just needed to prove they’re under two (for the lap child policy) when they start to look older?
  • When you have an infant, you can get a “pass” for a someone else to accompany you to the gate!  Matt came in with me to check in, and the man at the Frontier Airlines counter asked if he’d like to come with me to the gate.  Lucky for me, traffic was heinous, so Matt was looking for a way to kill some time before heading home.  It was a great help, as on the other side of security, I needed to pee, Norah needed a new diaper, and I needed to buy some dinner.  While I COULD have managed on my own, it was great to have Matt there to walk me to the gate.
  • If you wear your baby on the plane, some flight attendants will insist that you remove him/her from their carrier for take-off and landing.  Seems silly to me, but oh well.
  • On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised to not have to take Norah out of her carrier to go through security.  They let you wear the baby through the metal detector (not the body scanner) and then they swab your hands to check for bomb-making chemicals or something.  Easy-peasy!
  • My dad was right, babies’ ears will only hurt on the descent.  I had thought it was both take-off and landing.  So I just nursed her before landing to keep her happy.
  • If you use cloth diapers (normally), but plan to use disposables for a trip; don’t forget to change your babe into a disposable before you leave home… otherwise, you’ll have to carry around a dirty cloth diaper for your whole trip.  I remembered this on the way to the airport, so we did a quick change in the car before going into the airport.
  • This tip isn’t mine, it’s from my cousin:  If you’ve recently potty-trained your kiddo, take pull-ups with you on a trip.  You never know if the airplane bathroom will terrify your kid, and then you’ll have to sit through a flight in wet jeans.  =)

I had a great first mother’s day!  Norah met tons of her family, and did a great job of smiling and cooing and being overall just a doll.  She was really adaptable and even slept better at her grandparents’ house in a pack-n-play than she does in her own crib!

Just one of the special moments this weekend was getting four generations of women together for this photo!

4 generations


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Infants and airport security?

Norah and I are heading to Nebraska to visit my family, and I have no idea what I’m in for at the airport ( and in the airplane) today.  Any tips for flying with a 3-month-old?  My strategies so far include:

  • Checking my luggage.  Even though I fit everything into a carry-on-sized suitcase, I just don’t want to deal with it.
  • Wearing Norah in the Ergo most of the time.  She’s usually pretty happy in there, and can nap well in it.  I’ve even nursed her once in there, so that’s an option.
  • Nursing her during landing, to help her ears pop.
  • My family borrowed a car seat for the weekend, so I won’t have to lug that thing along.  I’ll just be carrying Norah & her diaper bag.
I have no idea what to expect with TSA, so that’ll be a lesson, I guess.

Other than being my first time flying (indeed, traveling) with the babe, this weekend holds a few other firsts:

  • My first Mother’s Day.  =)
  • Norah’s first time meeting her aunt (tia) Tami, her cousin Hunter, great-grandma Eva, and a myriad of great-aunts/uncles/cousins, and other family.
  • Norah’s first time in Nebraska (my hometown is Lincoln).

all smiles

Norah had a good night’s sleep last night, and woke up all smiles this morning.  Surely this is a sign that she’ll be an angel all weekend, right?

Wish me luck with airport security and not being “that woman” with the screaming baby on the airplane…

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