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Norah, at 20 months

Norah is a busy little girl these days. She plays all day long, and is often narrating her own activities. She has said a few complete sentences, but usually it’s still two word phrases: “socks on,” “burp baby,” “dark outside…” She knows exactly what she wants (and doesn’t want), but still can’t always communicate it to us. So we have a lot of crying and whining these days.

She still loves her baby sister, though still needs to be reminded to not put things in her sister’s face. She watches us take care of the baby and then mimics with her doll.

Her favorite activities are drawing with her markers, buckling (anything), putting socks and shoes on and off, watching Curious George or Babar the elephant, picking up sticks in the backyard, swinging at the park, standing on a step stool in the kitchen to “help,” and twirling around to “Ring Around the Rosie.”

Here she is riding on daddy’s shoulders at the park!



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Back to work

I’m a week away from returning to work, and that reality is once again a bit tough to swallow. I’m sitting here, in the nursery, snuggling my sweet babe, and shedding some tears. I already miss her.



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