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Curb appeal, stage 2

Stage 2 will likely be the last stage for curb appeal in 2013.  With baby #2 arriving sometime this summer, our attention and money will be going elsewhere for a while.  But there were a few things that I just couldn’t live with any longer… so without further ado:


The old storm door was NOT our style, and it kept breaking.  While we originally wanted to replace it with a new one, we finally realized that we really didn’t think we would use a storm door (even a new one).  At our old house, the storm door came in handy for two reasons: (1) the retractable screen was great for airflow, and (2) it provided a spot for the Luci (the pooch) to look out the front of the house.  But this house has a nice big front window that already does both of those things.  So once we decided we didn’t need to wait to save up for a new screen door, we could just paint the front door and get rid of the old storm door.  It took one day.

I followed the tips shared on Young House Love for painting a front door, though we’re not really sure that the deglosser really did anything.  We used Behr Marquee exterior paint in “Deep Blue Sea.”  It was one of those colors that gives you a panic attack when you’re staring at it from a foot away while you’re painting it on.  But once we stepped back, we love it.

We also finally got some flowers planted in the planters up front.  Two of the three plants in each planter are actually perennials, so we’ll transplant them to the yard at the end of the season.

But I think my favorite part of this “stage” was updating the house number plaque!


Now that dated light fixture is screaming to be replaced, too…. but that’ll have to wait until we find something new that we love.

Isn’t that a cute little mandarin tree by the front door?  Matt got it for me for Valentine’s Day this year.

Most of the updates to the house were simply paint: black paint on the shutters and mailbox, blue paint on the door, and touching up the white trim around the door with paint and caulk.  It was free to remove the old storm door (we put it on the curb and it was picked up within 10 minutes by a passerby — we didn’t even have to post it on craigslist!).  The house numbers were $25 at Home Depot, and we made the plaque with some wood that we had (and left-over paint from the shutters).

Ah, this was one of those instant-gratification house projects that gives serious satisfaction.  We think these little changes made a dramatic change to the personality of the house, and it’s definitely more “us.”


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