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Norah at 14 months


Her favorite things:

  • Eating. She really likes to eat about anything, but she is starting to make it clear when she is not in “the mood” for a particular item.
  • Walking (with assistance). She’s not walking on her own yet, but loves to stroll around holding on to one of our fingers or pushing a push toy.
  • Baths. ‘Nuff said.
  • Hanging out in her diaper. Seriously, what baby likes to wear clothes?  20130412-083403.jpg
  • Being outside. She gets outside with her daycare a lot, and loves to go on walks to the park.
  • Talking. Or really, babbling. She only says a few words, but she’s made it clear that she is going to be a
    talker. She’s constantly babbling or singing or just making noise in general. She is also extremely social and just loves the other kiddos at daycare. She loves to tell everyone, “HI!”
  • Luci (the dog). She is starting to pet Luci from time to time. It’s too cute.
  • Playing in her crib. Now that we’ve taken down her baby gates, we will sometimes plop her in her crib if we need a few minutes without supervising her. She is completely content in there!
  • Being tossed in the air or spinning.
  • Rolling around on the couch.
  • Stuffed animals. She wasn’t into them until recently, but now she loves to hug and cuddle them.

My favorite things about her:

  • She’s happy. Most of the time. Her giggles are awesome.
  • Asking her, “Donde esta la nariz?” Where is your nose? And she points to her nose.
  • The increasingly rare moments when she likes to cuddle and be rocked.

Her least favorite things:

  • Not being allowed to touch the phone or computer when we are skyping.20130412-083428.jpg
  • Being helped to brush her (5) teeth.
  • When Luci knocks her over.
  • When we are too slow bringing her milk in the morning.

April 12, 2013 - Posted by | Just Life, Parenting

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