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Curb appeal, stage 1

Since we moved into our house in September, I’ve been aching to give some love to the front of our house and the front yard.  It looks dated, unloved, and so PLAIN.  There are so many things to do, it’s hard to figure out where to start.  Here’s my very long to-do list (mentioned before) to help with our curb appeal:

  • Paint the shutters.
  • Plant some xeric perennials in the area between the driveway and sidewalk.
  • Remove the yucky bushes by the front door and put in some planters.
  • Create a mulched or rock area up against the house (on the right) with some shrubs, ornamental grasses, and other flowering plants.
  • Replace all the cement (driveway and entry steps).
  • Paint the front door, and get new hardware (lever instead of knob).
  • Replace the storm door with an all-glass version.
  • Get a new mailbox, house numbers, and porch light.

So this weekend, we managed to tackle a couple of those things (before & after):


I learned that I’m not very good a guestimating how much materials we’ll need for projects.  I guessed we’d need 10 bags of mulch; we needed 16.  I guessed we’d need 3 cans of black spray paint for the shutters; we needed 6.  I had originally gotten regular paint for the shutters, but it took me all of 10 seconds to realize that painting them with a brush was going to take hours and end up with a dripping, goopy mess.  Spray paint was definitely the way to go — the paint went on smoothly and quickly!  It took 4 light coats for good coverage and they only took a few minutes to dry between coats; I could easily paint all 6 and then start again at the beginning.  I did get spray-paint-can-trigger-finger, though.  Beware.

Now it is just screaming, “I NEED SOME COLOR!!!”  We planted around 100 bulbs in the mulched area last fall, and a few are started to peek out — can’t wait to see more of them!  My hope is that some greening trees, some flowers (both in the flower bed & the barrel planters), and a brightly-colored front door will help.  That’ll be stage 2…


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Norah at 14 months


Her favorite things:

  • Eating. She really likes to eat about anything, but she is starting to make it clear when she is not in “the mood” for a particular item.
  • Walking (with assistance). She’s not walking on her own yet, but loves to stroll around holding on to one of our fingers or pushing a push toy.
  • Baths. ‘Nuff said.
  • Hanging out in her diaper. Seriously, what baby likes to wear clothes?  20130412-083403.jpg
  • Being outside. She gets outside with her daycare a lot, and loves to go on walks to the park.
  • Talking. Or really, babbling. She only says a few words, but she’s made it clear that she is going to be a
    talker. She’s constantly babbling or singing or just making noise in general. She is also extremely social and just loves the other kiddos at daycare. She loves to tell everyone, “HI!”
  • Luci (the dog). She is starting to pet Luci from time to time. It’s too cute.
  • Playing in her crib. Now that we’ve taken down her baby gates, we will sometimes plop her in her crib if we need a few minutes without supervising her. She is completely content in there!
  • Being tossed in the air or spinning.
  • Rolling around on the couch.
  • Stuffed animals. She wasn’t into them until recently, but now she loves to hug and cuddle them.

My favorite things about her:

  • She’s happy. Most of the time. Her giggles are awesome.
  • Asking her, “Donde esta la nariz?” Where is your nose? And she points to her nose.
  • The increasingly rare moments when she likes to cuddle and be rocked.

Her least favorite things:

  • Not being allowed to touch the phone or computer when we are skyping.20130412-083428.jpg
  • Being helped to brush her (5) teeth.
  • When Luci knocks her over.
  • When we are too slow bringing her milk in the morning.

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