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Update on cloth diapering

We’ve been using cloth diapers on Norah since she was just a couple months old.  She’s now nearly 13 months old, and I thought I’d share an update on how things are going and what we think of the whole thing.  My first post on cloth diapers gives info on our stash, if you’re interested.

Overall we’ve been really pleased with cloth diapers, but It took us a while to figure out our washing routine — if you look up advice on washing cloth diapers, you can get lost in the interwebs for a few years, I think!  What ended up being the magic bullet for us was bleach.  As much as I wanted to “stay natural” and use green cleaners, using bleach once in a while definitely solved all of our problems (ammonia build-up and some staining, mostly).

I do use disposables when we’re out and about, running errands, etc.  Or when we haven’t kept up on laundry and we run out.  I’d say we’ve had fewer blowouts with cloth diapers, but more soak-throughs (although we should probably be putting an extra insert in now that she’s older).

I’m so glad that our diaper stash will serve us all the way through toddlerhood until she’s potty trained – we have saved so much money this way!


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