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Staging a home to sell {for FREE}

I preface this post by saying I’m no expert on staging, but after doing some “research” on the internet  (and, let’s be honest, watching way too many DIY/staging shows on HGTV and TLC) on the subject, here is what I could muster for getting our home ready to be on the market.  Without further ado, here’s my list of (FREE) things to get your home ready to sell:

DE-CLUTTER.  You want to show off your house, and not all of your junk that is taking up space in your house.  The more you can clear out of the way and allow your house (meaning floors, walls, etc.) to show off, the better.  Get your hands on some boxes and stash away your extraneous “stuff.”

  • Remove as many personal items as possible.  This means all photos of yourself, friends and family; clear off all the magnets and other junk that’s stuck on the front of the fridge; put away your hairdryer and other toiletries in the bathroom, etc.
  • Pare down your decorative items.  Put one or two somewhat generic decorative items on each shelf (put everything else away or in storage).
  • Clear off surfaces.  This means putting nearly everything away that normally sits on your kitchen and/or bathroom counter.  Take everything off your dining room buffet, except for perhaps one or two pretty items.  You want someone to walk in and say, “Wow, look at all the countertop space!”
  • Roll up your rugs.  You want to show off those hardwood floors or tiles or new carpet.
  • If you have a room that has a lot of furniture in it, consider putting some of the unnecessary furniture in storage.  A room that is crammed full of too much furniture can make the room seem smaller.

CLEAN.  It’s simple enough: no one likes a messy or dirty home.  Putting your house on the market is a great reason to do a deep clean of every single nook and cranny that you’ve been meaning to get to.  If you hate to clean, hire someone to do the job for you (and just add it to your “moving costs”).  This can be the most time-consuming thing if you’re living in the house you’re trying to sell.  Getting it “show-ready” every morning before you leave for work is exhausting, but worth it.  After the deep clean, do the following things frequently:

  • Tidy.  Simply putting everything away removes distractions from your potential buyers.
  • Organize.  If you’re up for it, organize your closets & pantry, because potential buyers will peek in there.
  • Wipe down surfaces.  Just be sure you do a quick wipe or dusting each day.  I also try to do a quick swiffer on the floors (mostly in the bathroom because I seem to shed so much hair when I use my blowdryer every morning!).
  • Cover dirty or personal/embarrassing things.  I usually throw a towel on the top of our laundry basket so potential buyers don’t have to look at our dirty underwear.  I also try to empty our trash cans.

A fresh coat of paint can makes things seem really fresh and clean!  Touch up any scuffed or damaged walls with some spackle and/or paint, if necessary.    If you opt to re-paint a room, pick a neutral color.


  • We normally wouldn’t set our evaporative cooler to be running while we’re not home, but keeping our house cool while it’s over 100 degrees outside makes it more appealing to potential buyers.  We want them to walk in and be surprised/relieved by how cool and comfortable it is!
  • Don’t go overboard on using strong scents in your house.  It just makes people think you’re trying to hide some other (unpleasant) scent.
  • Put small signs around your house that tell potential buyers about aspects of the home that you can’t see:  “New 95% efficient furnace installed in 2009.”  “Xeric (water-saving) grass in the yard requires 25% less water.”  Etc.
  • Make your house as light and bright as possible.  Again, we would normally close all the shades when it’s so hot outside, but we’ve been leaving them open to let in as much light as possible.  For an open house, you probably want to turn all your lights on.  We viewed a potential house last week that had all of its window shades closed, and the whole house felt like a tiny dungeon.
  • If you’re having an open house, you can also put out a bucket of iced bottles of water and snacks.  I also like to cut some fresh flowers or greenery from the yard and pop them in a vase or two.
If you have a yard (or even a patio), you may want to DECLUTTER, TIDY/CLEAN, and SHOW OFF out there, too!  So put a few of your garden gnomes in storage, wipe down your dirty patio furniture, and plant some fresh flowers.

After all this effort, you may like your house so much more that you won’t want to move anymore!  =)


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I’ve been m.i.a. from this blog because we have decided to move…. hence, I am now having an identity crisis with this blog.  Being named “Our wee home” based on the fact we live in 733 square feet, now that we’re moving to a likely bigger home, what do I do?  Our beloved home is on the market, and we’re just waiting for an offer to come in.  We have had 5-10 showings per week (we’re three weeks in), so there’s definitely interest in our home, but no offers yet.

Anyway, I’m trying to muster some creative and productive energy to continue on with the blog….  =)

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